High Demand for Dry Fruits During Ramzan

Demand for dry fruits has increased in the city as the month of roza started. As Muslims fast during the month of Ramzan the demand for dry fruits like Almonds, Cashews, Pistachios, Raisins, Dates, Walnuts and Anjeer etc has been doubled.

They mostly prefer sweet dishes during iftar. On Fridays, most of them cook sweet dishes as per their availability. Sweet dishes like Badam Phirni, Qurbani meetha, Kaddu ki kheer, Double ka meetha, Badam kund, Karjoor ki chutney are mostly cooked. As these dishes require dry fruits to prepare, the sales for the fruits have gone up high. The use of dry fruits increases tenfold during the month of Ramzan and the prices of the dry fruits are also increased respectively.

According to the market sources, the sale of the dry fruits is about 3-4 tonnes on normal days and during the month of Ramzan it increases to 10-12 tonnes.

Source: sakshipost

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