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  1. The cumin commonly known as Jeera, (Cuminium cyminium L.) belongs to family Apiaceae. It is an important spice occupying more than 22% of spice acreage (3824260 hectares) and largest grown seed spice with having more than 48% seed spice acreage (1737610 hectares) in the country.
  2. In India Cumin is mostly cultivated in Rajasthan and Gujarat and in some part of M.P. and U.P. as a rabi crop.
  3. Rajasthan and Gujarat have important position in terms of area and production and contribute 99% of the total production of cumin in India.
  4. In India, cumin occupies an area of 8.42 lakh hectares and the total production is 5.47 lakh tonnes (2019-20)
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Place of Origin Gujarat & Rajasthan
Variety Shahi Jeera, Singapore Quality, Europe Quality, USA Quality
Other available Varieties Rajasthan
Size Bold
Features Natural, No Preservative and Non-Irradiated
Moisture 7/8 % Max
Color Brown, Bluish
Shelf Life 1 Year
Form Double Sortex, Whole
purity 99.5%
Finishing Process Machine Clean without dust & Stone
Scientific Name Cuminum Cyminum
Brand Silorganic
Packaging Type Gunny/PP Bag
Grade Standard A+ Grade
HS Code 090930
Packing Size 10/20/25/40/50 kg
Delivery Time 3/4 Days
Country of Origin Made in India
Minimum Order Quantity 30 Kg
Supply PAN India, China, Bangladesh, USA, UAE, Nepal, Egypt, Afghanistan, Türkiye,UK, Malaysia
Container Capacity for Cumin Seeds

40ft Container= 26 MT (Metric Tonnes)

20ft Container= 14 MT (Metric Tonnes)


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